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If you are looking to develop a cross-platform app with exceptional features and functionalities, Get in touch with a leading flutter app development company - The One Technologies.

Our programmers can build a cross-platform mobile app and PWA with amazing UI and functionalities.

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Performance-driven Outsourcing Experience

To build your mobile application that sets new benchmark, reach out to professionals who have in-depth knowledge of technology. At The One Technologies, we practice tools and technologies to offer high-performance applications. We have Flutter app developers in India who can help you develop a secure and fast application.

You can hire Flutter developers from various options, including hourly, monthly, and full time.

Get end-to-end full-stack development services to develop an app covering all your business objectives. Our talented team has expertise in cross-platform mobile app development. They have more than 5 years of experience in Android app development and iOS app development.

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Easy Process to Hire Dedicated Flutter Developers

At The One Technologies, we offer full-time engagement, hourly-based hiring, remote solution. You can also partner with us for dedicated Flutter developers. You can hire specialists as per your requirements from our experienced resources.

Get unmatched resources at the best competitive price.

Project and Business Understanding

Step 1: Project and Business Understanding

Our experienced team of experts will evaluate your project requirements and suggest you the best possible path to go forward for your project.

Collaborate and Communicate

Step 2: Collaborate and Communicate

Our experienced project managers and developers will initiate the plan and share it with you. It is like a query solutions session between a client and our team. We believe in transparency and satisfactory experience with quality results.

Hiring Model and Developers Selection

Step 3: Hiring Model and Developers Selection

Our experts will assist you with the best hiring model to help you save cost and time. Our talented recruiters will help you interview the most suitable candidates so you can choose the right resources as per your project needs. You can start evaluating and selecting professionals from the pool of skilled and experienced Flutter developers.

The entire hiring process serves accurate feedback and testing methods to provide a performance-driven solution.

Why Should You Choose Flutter?

Flutter was published to offer an excellent app experience with an incredible toolkit for developing apps. It is one of the best technologies to create flexible and high-performance mobile applications. Hire Flutter app developers to get a complete solution that meets all your requirements. Outsourcing to a mobile app development company helps you reduce development time and cost and deliver a unified experience.

Fast Development

Flutter is known for developing cross-platform apps with a single code base. It helps to save development time and cost; thus, your application builds quickly.

Interactive User Interface

Using Flutter, developers can create expressive, flexible, revolutionary, and interactive applications.

Native ARM Performance

It is equipped with the advanced RISC Machines code; thus, ideas can be easily implemented to get the highest benefit.

Easy Plugins

Developers will have a wide selection of plugins for flexible and customized mobile app development.

Reduce Testing Efforts

You have to test only one version of the application by QA experts, hence requires less time and effort for app testing.

The One Technologies is a leading Flutter development company

The One Technologies is one of the best Flutter app development companies. We understand that your application needs to be worked seamlessly across all platforms. For that, we provide a high-quality interface for cross-platform mobile applications. Here are some key benefits of hiring flutter app developers from us.

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  • Managing Fast Delivery
  • Integrity and Transparency
  • On clock Support and Maintenance
  • Dedicated Resources on Demand
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reporting
  • Performance & Data Privacy
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Scalable Solutions

Do You Know?

Google Ads, Refelctly, Alibaba and many other brands used Flutter to build their mobile apps

Hire Flutter Developer

Why Hire Flutter Developers from Us?

Our developers understand the unique business requirements of clients and deliver customized web and mobile application solutions. Here are some of the key benefits of hiring a Flutter app developers from us.

Remote Flutter Developers
  • Adherence to Project Timeline
  • Secure Development Area
  • Assurance of Project Confidentiality
  • Innovative and Pragmatic Approach
  • Competitive Pricing
  • High Compatibility
  • Agile & Adaptive Development
  • Effective Communication

Flexible Hiring Models

At The One Technologies, we provide flexible engagement models to choose from that help you get the right resources as per your needs.

Dedicated Team

If you are planning to develop a business app, we help you build a solution that meets all requirements with the help of our dedicated Flutter developers.

  • No hidden costs
  • 160 hours of assured work
  • Pay for measurable work

Controlled Agile

In a controlled agile engagement model, we will help you choose the resources that suit best your project requirements. We do offer a limited budget solution that still needs some flexibility.

  • Optimal flexibility
  • Agile methodology
  • Small to Enterprise level solution
  • Total control over budget

Time & Material

You can go with an hourly-based model and hire experienced resources for your business app development.

  • No hidden costs
  • Requirement based working hours
  • Monthly billing
  • Pay for measurable work
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Discuss your requirements or an app idea with us to get competitive app solution. Our specialist will guide you in the best possible way.

Flutter App Development Services

If you are looking for a renowned Flutter development company in India, The One Technologies is the perfect fit for you. We provide cost-effective Flutter app development services with the highest customization to material design and widgets interface. Our experts write a single code that can run on both platforms, saving a lot of time and money for you. Select us and get high-quality Flutter app development services.

Flutter Web Development

If you develop a web app with the Flutter framework, users can experience all the advanced and distinct interfaces. Apps developed with this framework can run smoothly on macOS, Windows, Chrome OS, Linux, and the web.

Dart Application Development

With our Dart application development services, we can help you move your applications from current tech stacks to the hybrid framework. You can enjoy many benefits and get a team of highly skilled and experienced Dart app developers for quality development.

Flutter Migration and Upgradation

We can help you migrate and upgrade your current application to the Flutter framework with our migration and upgrading services. Our professionals can help you keep your applications up-to-date and suitable for your users.

Customized Widgets

With the Flutter framework, you can customize numerous widgets like Scaffold, Drawer, Appbar, etc. These widgets are extensible and provide layouts with flexible APIs for effects, animation, gestures, etc., to sustain native quality.

Desktop App Development

Create desktop applications for Linux, Mac or Windows with the latest app development framework. Also, use third-party APIs for better app functionality.

Flutter Support and Maintenance

Our Flutter developers don’t just stop after the application deployment. To offer you a seamless user experience after the deployment, we take care of your Flutter apps even after it’s deployed by constantly checking its performance, security and downtime.

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Flutter Development with The One Technologies

The One Technologies - Flutter Development Company
Affordable Services
Best Flutter Coders
Transparent Process
Best Communication Skills
Reduced Turnaround Time
Fast Data Processing
24x7 Technical Support

To develop feature-rich mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms, Flutter is one of the latest and most useful tools. It’s an easy-to-use platform that was introduced by Google in 2017. We are an experienced Flutter development company that knows how to utilize the platform to develop mobile applications that provide customers with an engaging user experience. To take your business to the next level with a feature-rich mobile app, discuss your requirement with our Flutter programmers.

The One Technologies is a prominent and experienced Flutter development company, delivering seamless native performance across devices or platforms. Having a great experience and knowledge in Flutter technology, we provide you with specific solutions that meet your expectations. You can hire Flutter app developers based on the need of your project. We offer various models to get your work done; you can select the most suitable model per your project requirements.

We have a proven successful track record in Flutter app development services. Our experts provide Flutter app development services to small, medium, and large enterprises. We take pride in introducing us as one of the best options to outsource your Flutter app development requirements. We have been the best and top-notch Flutter development company in India. Our programmers have vast knowledge and experience in developing quality apps, so we're setting trends as a Flutter app development company.

Select us to derive robust cross-platform mobile application solutions perfectly syncing with your specific industry requirements.

Why Choose Flutter App Development Services?

Flutter is an open-source mobile app development SDK developed by Google to build high-quality native app interfaces for cross platforms using a single code base. Flutter is strong and reactive with widgets and tools. It enables interactive UI development and deployment with a single code that works on different platforms.

A successful business requires a customer-centric application that is functional, unique and attractive to maintain their interest. The application that runs seamlessly across all platforms is a challenging and crucial concept. Being a prominent and trusted Flutter app development company, we created such a mobile app that would turn your visitors into customers.

Dedicated Team
Project Based Hiring
Complete Control Over Team
80% Client Retention Rate
On Time Delivery
Flexible Engagement Model
Want to hire flutter app developers?

Build Your Product Successfully With Our Trained and Experienced Professionals

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Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Flutter App Developers in India

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Flutter App Developers in India

The One Technologies offers highly flexible and bespoke hiring options that perfectly align with all your requirements resulting in excellent work every time. ...

Why Choose Flutter for Cross Platform Mobile App Development?

Why Choose Flutter for Cross Platform Mobile App Development?

In this article, we will explain why Flutter stands out among other frameworks and how it facilitates a much cheaper and faster cross platform app development. ...

Client Testimonials

review of dr.james broselow for the one technologies

We were looking for Accounting CRM and The One Technologies served us with the best application with all required features.

review of david wilson for the one technologies

Our app is available in the Google Play store, and working great. We are satisfied with the services and the final product.

review of jorge ferro for the one technologies

The team possesses the expertise and offered an attractive app along with a positive communication approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Flutter different from React Native and Ionic?

React Native and Ionic use bridges to connect with native components, whereas Flutter uses the native components of the device.

What Types of Apps Can Be Built with Flutter?

Flutter is optimized for 2D mobile apps that can be run on both Android and iOS. You can develop E-commerce, travel, food delivery apps, etc using our efficient Flutter app development services.

Can you integrate a third-party tool with a mobile app developed in Flutter?

Yes, our experienced Flutter developers can quickly help you integrate Flutter with third-party tools APIs like NodeJS, Angular, Firebase, and others.

What programming language does Flutter use?

DART is the official programming language of Flutter and android development, Java/Kotlin are the programming languages for cross-platform development.

Can you tell us the pros of hiring Flutter developers?

Developed by Google, Flutter development service comes with:
- Easy customization
- Robust performance
- User-friendly interface
- Quick launch of app
- Feature-rich app

What is the best way to hire Flutter app developers from you?

Skype or Email is the most preferred method to contact us. We check emails on our smartphones regularly in case we are not in the office.

Why should I hire Flutter developer from You?

Being a renowned, experienced and best Flutter development company, our Flutter developers have developed fantastic projects for market and mainstream companies. And we have vast experience and knowledge in various industries such as healthcare, eCommerce, automobile, construction, etc.

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